Whatz up everybody? Thanks for droppin’ in on my place. I am 1 half of the most dynamic duo in the music makin’ business, known as Da Wonda Twinz – DUB T. P. PRODUCTIONZ.

I am a music producer/song writer/poet, and published author. Along with my brother I have 7 successful cds under my belt, as well as multi singles. I have worked with such artist as Mista Perez, Vickie McKisic, Sharon Brooks, Wendisue, Charles David, and Many More.

I personally have been into music creatively since the age of ten. I played the clarinet and saxophone for years, and as of 2001 I have been composing music, as well as making beats with my brother. I love and listen to everything from Stevie Wonder, to Geisha music, and everything in between. Growing up for me, music had no color. So I based my likes and dislikes on the songs themselves. I listened to rock, jazz, classical, blues, soft rock, and soul. I didn’t hear my first R&B song until I was 9 or 10 years old. It was Mary Jane, By Rick James, it blew my mind. I had never heard anything like that before. Heavy bass, twanging Guitar, and those drums….I was hooked. Though I never stopped listening to the other music I grew up on, R&B was meshed into my soul from that day on.

I am working on music for myself, as well as looking for people to collab with. Hit Me up anytime and let me know how you really feel.